Harry Booström – A constructive avantgarde artist

Auction online until October 3rd
Educated by Isaac Grünewald and age-mate with men born 1947, Harry Booström joined the avant-gardes in an early stage. Above all, the inspiration behind his abstract compositions comes from the nature. In an elegant color scale with warm and cold tones casted against each other, he created dynamic pictures with rhythm, energy and movement. Booström was a member of the international Groupe Escpace, which acted as a functional cooperation between painting, sculpture and architecture with a starting point in the non-figurative art. This theme auction consists of a collection of 45 art works with a provenance from his patrons of art during the 1950s, William and Maud Appelquist – the major car dealer owners at Gotland.
A book has also been produced linked to the exhibition and is available to buy during the viewing >.

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