Glass Art

Bukowskis has the pleasure to present a vast collection of art glass, including objects from a selection of renowned glass artists. Some of these notable artists include Bertil Vallien and Kjell Engman, whilst Claes Uvesten represents most. Uvesten was born in Linköping and studied at The Glass School in Orrefors and at Pilchuck School of Glass in Seattle. Uvesten has participated in over 20 exhibitions in Sweden, USA, Mexico and England and has been a professor of Glass Design at the Museo de Vidrio in Mexico. Today, Claes works in Stockholm. He describes his creation with the words “Central to my work is humanity, and most notably, the human head, the center of thought, reason, and creativity. A complete understanding of the architecture of the mind remains elusive. Science has yet to fully explain consciousness, and it is from this point of departure that my glass work takes form.”

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