Torbjörn Lenskogs' collection of industrial design part II

Torbjörn Lenskog's comprehensive collection, ”Torbjörn Lenskog Design Collection”, was created during the 1980s and 90s and consists of several of the 20th century most important objects within industrial design. Parts of the collection has been exhibited at Natonalmuseum and drew a great deal of attention due to the fact that the collection included several international well-known design items, which are missing – and still are – at Swedish museums. After the collection was sold, the items got peculated even though Torbjörn Lenskog continued to collect 20th century industrial design. Some of the objects in the auction are designed by the pioneer Henry Dreyfuss, you will also find Ezio Pirali's table fan, which is a true design icon represented in MoMa's collection, along with Lurelle Guild's streamline vacuum cleaner which is represented at the Metropolitan Museum's collections. Bukowskis is pleased to present a series of the last decades collecting by the collector who never stops to collect!

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