Success strengthens Bukowski's position as market leader

Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN) - ”Katarinahissen I” (detalj), sold for 5 239 000 SEK and a Vase by Axel Salto, sold for 2 237 500 SEK.

This spring’s Modern Art + Design auction delivered eight lots exceeding 1 million SEK and a very strong result in total. The true sensation in the art department, a newly discovered artwork by Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN) – ”Katarinahissen I”, was sold for 5 239 000 SEK. Having reached a final price of 5 512 000 SEK, Leander Engström’s ”Badstranden” was the most expensive art work sold in the auction.

GAN’s ”Katarinahissen I”, the first in a series of three with Katarinahissen as a motif, is a very important piece. The interest in acquiring this artwork has been very high. It has not been shown in public after it was showcased in Lund in 1915 and it has attracted many curious visitors to the viewing. Now, “Katarinahissen I” will be showcased at the important GAN exhibition at Sven Harry’s art museum. A sensation in many ways, says Andreas Rydén, Head Specialist Art and Deputy Managing Director.

Further, pieces by internationally acclaimed masters such as Paul Klee, Baltasar Lobo and Bram Bogart offered some of the highlights in the auction. And the successful result for ”Pioneers of Modernism – an avant-garde collection”, really showcases that these artists forged ahead of the rest, and their relevance of today.

The demand and interest in artworks by the likes of e.g. Agnes Cleve, Waldemar Lorentzon, Erik Olson and many more, were high and enticed bidders from Sweden as well as from abroad. The great success for the collection and the fantastic offer of pieces by artists in world-class shows that Sweden truly has an important position in the international market, says Lena Rydén, Specialist Modern Art, Prints

Among the lots in the auction, many art works by Swedish masters such as Sigrid Hjertén, Isaac Grünewald and Einar Jolin were included, masters which art works are still very high in demand and led to high hammer prices.

We are very proud of the trust of our customers and the outstanding result shows continuity in successful sales. This reinforces our prominent position in the market for Fine art, says Björn Extergren, Head of Consignment & Sales.

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