Bukowskis x Svenskt Tenn - All pots sold out within minutes

Bukowskis in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn - Hortus pot in a limited edition of 100 signed pieces was initially sold exclusively at Bukowskis. The collaboration resulted in a fantastic success and all the pots sold out within a few minutes only.

Bukowskis presented an anniversary pot together with Svenskt Tenn in the shape of the classic Hortus, which was launched in the elegant colour amber. This was the first time the Hortus pot had been manufactured in a completely new colour since it was designed and produced in glass in the early 1940s. The collaboration resulted in a fantastic success and all the pots sold out within a few minutes only.

The anniversary gives us a unique opportunity to highlight Bukowski's history and celebrate the best in art and design through the ages to the present day. It is therefore gratifying that we can now present this classic in a unique anniversary edition together with Svenskt Tenn. A company that shares our core values and focus on sustainability and quality. It is fantastic that in this way we get to pay attention to its beautiful and timeless design, says Louise Arén, CEO Bukowskis

Josef Frank designed the original Hortus pot in brass, 1938. Later during the war, when all metal was hard currency, Estrid Ericson had the glassworks Gullaskruv make a variant in glass. At Svenskt Tenn's spring exhibition in 1942, the Hortus pot was shown in ruby red, emerald green and blue glass. Today, much of Svenskt Tenn's wide glass range is manufactured by hand at Reijmyre Glasbruk, as well as this anniversary edition.

Bukowskis is a quality-driven company that cherish the value of Svenskt Tenn as a cultural institution and who appreciates the craftsmanship behind our products that are sold in a newly produced edition in our store and also resold in the next stage, including at Bukowskis. This is a sustainable relationship that has been going on for a long time and something that is worth celebrating with this anniversary edition, says Maria Veerasamy, CEO of Svenskt Tenn.

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