Tilaa uutiskirjeemme

Saadaksesi tietoa Bukowskin juhlavuodesta ja tulevista huutokaupoista, näyttelyistä ja tapahtumista.

A collector’s love of glass

This collection of Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass was created by a dedicated, expert collector over a long period of time (to quote our collector, “it takes a lifetime to build up a collection”). He adored the period around the turn of the twentieth century. The collection is wide-ranging and contains samples of glass from many different manufacturers/designers, spanning most of the glassworks of Europe. Our collector considered that one should learn about one’s field through painstaking study of the literature and by seeing and touching the objects themselves. He visited exhibitions, antique shops and auction viewings to see the pieces up close. He himself says that it took him about ten years to feel reasonably at home in the field. He thought the quality and appearance mattered more than the signature or the manufacturer. Finding an area you are passionate about and starting a collection is a satisfying endeavour. Why not glass? One of his pieces of advice was if you find a better piece than one already in your collection, don’t hesitate to buy the new one and replace the old one (or keep both).