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Jubilee edition of Miss Holly in Bukowskis Shop

Anniversary edition of Miss Holly exclusively created for Bukowskis Shop

In 2020, Bukowskis is celebrating 150 years as a vibrant and modern auction house. During the year we will invite you to take part in fantastic auctions, curated exhibitions and dynamic collaborations.

View and buy Miss Holly Anniversary Chair in Bukowskis Shop here>

Each month, we will launch a new curated collaboration in Bukowski's Shop – the given place for design furniture, carpets and jewellery that you can click home and buy right away. In this year's third collaboration, we have been honored to present an anniversary edition of the chair Miss Holly by Jonas Lindvall for Stolab. The chair is made of solid smoked oak and comes in an edition of 12.

With respect for what has been – and a feeling for what we lack today – Miss Holly was created. Jonas has taken inspiration from chairs around the world and here he has created a very own version with a two-dimensional feeling. It is graceful and generous at the same time. A chair which is as beautiful as functional and with many details that testify to professional skill and love of wood as a material. Miss Holly is as beautiful as a solitaire as in a group. The seating height works for most dining tables.

Jonas Lindvall is a Swedish interior designer and designer who is trained, among others, at HDK in Gothenburg and four-time winner of the award "Excellent Swedish Form". Jonas is careful in his material choices and likes to work in solid woods, where form and material lift each other up. Other characteristics of Jonas's design are timelessness and great care about the details. As a furniture designer, he has made a number of award-winning furniture.

"I wanted to use a type of wood in an execution that with its expression links to some of the qualities that I believe Bukowskis stands for; Something solid with a connection to history that breathes quality and care. That's why I chose to create Miss Holly in solid smoked oak. A time-consuming process whereby with the help of ammonia, the tannic acid in the oak is reacted to give rise to a darker color. Thus, no color lies on the surface, but a chemical process penetrates the oak." – Jonas Lindvall

The anniversary performance of Miss Holly in solid smoked oak provides an elegant and stylish chair that fits well with other types of wood. The chair comes with a brass label that marks the authenticity of the edition and is designed exclusively for Bukowskis Shop together with STOLAB. The design can only be purchased during Bukowskis 150th anniversary in 2020. Buy the chair in Bukowskis Shop here>