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Urna, kompaniporslin, Qing dynastin Qianlong (1736-95).

8 000 - 10 000 SEK
731 - 914 EUR
777 - 971 USD
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22 000 SEK
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Cecilia Nordström
Cecilia Nordström
Ansvarig specialist asiatisk keramik och konsthantverk, äldre europeisk keramik samt glas
+46 (0)739 40 08 02
Urna, kompaniporslin, Qing dynastin Qianlong (1736-95).

Dekor i famille rose färger med blommande pion. Höjd 21 cm. Höjd med medföljande träställ 28.5 cm.


From the Collection of Jägmästare Nils and Inga-Lill Hultmark, Torps Egendom, Västergötland.

Nils Hultmark was the son of Jägmästare David Hultmark, brother of Emil and Richard Hultmark, who also collected Asian Ceramics and Works of Art, all members of ‘Kinaklubben’ the China Club in Stockholm in the 1920’s together with Carl Kempe (1884-1967), Ivan Traugott (1871-1952), and the Crown Prince Gustav Adolf. The brothers are well known art collectors in Sweden and built their collections in the golden age of European collection. Nils and Inga-Lill also had a great interest in collecting art and were frequent visitors at the auction and gallery viewings in Stockholm adding well-chosen items to the inherited collection.

Purchased by Inga Lill Hultmark at Bukowskis 583, lot 478. Then from a private collection.